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Pluriversal Worlds in a Grain of Sand  is a parallel project to Nizhónígo Yííkado. It contextualizes the exhibition and events in Pilar and in Antwerp, comprising an exhibition in Zebra, Ghent and a book. You can find all the events on the dedicated page


Pluriversal Worlds in a Grain of Sand  presents a third space where people from around the world meet and interact. Art meets science, creativity meets philosophy, crossing boundaries, promoting interconnectedness and inventiveness across time and space.


Pluriversal:  We support pluriversality, the coexistence of different knowledge systems, instead of universality. When different knowledge systems meet and interact all will be enriched.


The World in a Grain of Sand:   All things are interconnected: humans, animals, trees and plants, nature, oceans, skies, earth, time, space, contemporaneity, and tradition, and present, past, and future.

Curated by Jeanne Boden, Rik Pinxten.